You’re a Warrior.

Sometimes I forget that.

Sometimes I think that You’re a mighty King

Sometimes You whisper that You’re my Abba, my Daddy

Sometimes I forget that You are also my Defender

Fighter of my Battles

There are so many complexities to God; so many different aspects of Him. He is every beautiful adjective in the English language, but even that cannot begin to describe Him.


Powerful, yet gentle

Righteousness and tender

The mighty King.

The tender Father.


He is love.

In His own gentle way, the Lord has been showing me what it means to be His daughter; to receive His delight and affection. It’s a lesson that I’m pretty sure He loves teaching—but not necessarily one that I always enjoy learning. My immediate reaction to His love is to reciprocate in my stumbling human ways, but He consistently says rest.

I’m learning.

But the past year or so, He’s revealed another side of Himself; a side that I wouldn’t normally have associated with love and fathers and delight. My Shepherd, my Abba…He’s a Soldier. He’s a Warrior-King.

And this Warrior fights my battles.

I resist; I like fighting my own battles. But He consistently says rest.

I’m learning.


One thought on “learning

  1. Keep on it Bekka. Keep giving it to Him. 🙂
    Something He has been teaching me about His character is how He is the bridegroom, my Prince, the one I am joined to in a stronger bond than marriage itself. The joy of falling in love with Him has been really amazing.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts,

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